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WBFS Manager for Windows

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Free Application to Transfer Third-Party Games to PC-Based Storage Platforms

Similar to applications such as Wii Backup Manager and Wiithon, this software bundle enables users to transfer games to separate storage devices. This is useful in terms of redundancy or when certain progress needs to be saved.

An Easy and Effective Storage Method

WBSF Manager allows users to create backup copies of games meant to be played on the Nintendo Wii platform. Files can be transferred to a standard hard disk or a USB memory stick. However, please note that the destination will need to be previously formatted with the WBSF framework. The good news is that this application will correctly format a hard drive so that it is compatible with a Wii system. This is important, as the Windows OS would otherwise not recognize the WBSF coding.

More than Transfers Alone

Another benefit associated with WBSF Manager is that it will display the digital game cover so that the correct file can be easily retrieved. Finally, it is possible to download Wii games directly from the Internet.


  • Hard drives will automatically be formatted.
  • ISO formats are supported.
  • Copies can be renamed if required.
  • Digital images of each game cover are displayed.


  • 32-bit operating systems are not supported.
  • Older PC systems may not be supported.
  • Some .NET frameworks might not be compatible.
  • The dashboard is not as intuitive as similar applications.

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WBFS Manager


WBFS Manager 4 for PC

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